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TLPlayer - Tesla Lossless Music Player

This free app can maximize the music experience of your Tesla EV.

The demo videos of Tesla Display app

How to play lossless music files in Tesla EV without USB or Bluetooth?

The purpose of TLPlayer

As an owner of Tesla EV, I loved this car. Tesla EV has perfect audio system (including more than ten speakers). However, it doesn’t have a CD player and the music quality of its built-in internet music app is not good enough, as reported. So I developed TLPlayer to play lossless music file such as WAV or FLAC format to maximize the music experience of Tesla EV. As far as I know, TLPlayer is the first app to play lossless music file for Tesla drivers.

Why not play lossless music file on the phone and transfer it to Tesla EV through Bluetooth?

As reported, the Bluetooth subsystem of current Tesla EV only supports SBC and AAC. The maximum bitrate of the codecs is only 256kbps while the bitrate of lossless music file is more than 1000kbps. So Bluetooth is not enough for lossless music. Instead, TLPlayer use WiFi network to transfer lossless music file to Tesla EV. The audio quality will not downgrade.

Is this app free?

Yes. Only with some advertisement to support the author.

How to get this app?

Will it spend extra internet traffic?

No, because your Tesla is connected to the hotspot wifi of your mobile phone, the music data is transfered through the local wifi.

More about this app?

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